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Kaca - one of my beloved models

If you are my kind of a photographer, you have also your kinds of models passing through your life (because it is through your life really, not just through your camera or studio or darkroom).

The first group are models, which call, order themselves, have their photos done and leave. They might come back, but they remain in the customer category for good... so let me compare it to something we all know way too well - One Night Stand (ok, with possible repetitions). Second one is models I meet either for my projects or for their lust for photos, usually this does not end up with one shooting, there is more I want to dig out of that person... so its a summer romance.

We are slowly getting to the third and most important kind of my models - beautiful women who shine their beauty not only from the outside. They are amazing people, always inspiring me, my muses, my energy, my victims and heroines, my photo loves. I often cheat one with another, fidelity was never my strong part, but they stay. We keep building our relationship for many many years and often they become my life lasting friends.

Kaca is one of the photo loves, one of my girlfriends ( And I do need to mention, that I am not attracted to women at all), one of the good things coming into my life. Not only she is incredibly beautiful and lovable, but also, she is kind, smart, nice, and willing to be photographed for many years now.


Kaca came for photoshooting on 12th February 2016. She has a two years old son and many many things to do and focus on and yet, when I asked her, she found time to come and pose for me. I had a plan for the shooting which consisted of some rubbers to be wrapped around her, I also wanted to paint her face a bit. But as we are friends, we postponed the shooting a bit and decided to have coffee and some cakes first. We drunk it from cups Kaca gave me for Christmas, and talked about kids, winter, some more kids, photos... Its been two months now and I still remember her smiling over the espresso cup, winking her lashes back up at me, being happy. After the coffee came time for lunch, I had prepared some healthy food for my heathy meals lover. Practically we spent about three hours just chatting and eating and then we finally got to the photos. It took me other at least thirty minutes to wrap her in the rubber I had planned, more time to apply make up and finally, when the sun was about to start setting down, we were ready to work.

I do not know why this happens, but I usually spend more time chatting than actually taking the photos. We came downstairs to my studio, which, fortunately, I remembered to heat in advance - February is cold. It took me another long time to put in a film and set up the light, but then, finally we were ready to start. My personal weakness when it comes to Kaca is not only her eyes but also her back. This time I wanted to have a part of both in the photos. And I was not nice, "straighten up", "shoulders down", "put your hand behind!" Why are your shoulders in front again" ... "Aaaa, Kaca, we already said you will hold the hand where I told you to, why is it somewhere else?" So you can imagine, she probably did not have the best time of her life. But she managed, and I admire her for it. She came up in my living room after the shooting, took off all those rubbers from her back and hair, removed a big black stain on her face and looked so fresh again. Then she left, wind took her hair away and left only the nice smell and freshness she which always accompanies her.

Meet Kaca:


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