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My cosy exhibition in Ceska Lipa, CZ

It was one of the winter cold days when I felt like staying at home and drinking tea, watching fairytales with my son and opening a bottle of wine in the evening (when he is asleep), and taking it with me to the darkroom to print some new stuff. However dreams aside, I had to dress, run to Prague for two shootings and then drive all the way to Ceska Lipato hang 10 photos. Dont get me wrong, I did look forward to being there, but the journey and the weather, cold, wet... You know what I mean.

As it often happens, that day turned out to be one of the best days of this year I had so far. I met my ex colleague and a very good friend for lunch, because she was going to make the whole Ceska Lipa trip with me. After my Pho-Bo and her smiles the day immediately started to be brighter. While driving later on, we discussed our lifes, our loves, our kids, our jobs, just anything and everything, had some good laughs. As a result of that I was driving nearly according to rules and we arrived on the spot somewhere around 16.30.

My exhibition was going to take place at Cafe Florian, which is just an amazingly cozy cafeteria in the heart of Ceska Lipa. Once you enter, you just want to sit there for hours, eat their healthy sweets and sip a homemade mint liquer after you had your soup of the day and coffee. I love it. And mye loving is the only reason why I decided to deliver my photos and myself there. Because we suit each other. :)

The owner Danuse, very charming sagittarius lady and her artistic daughter Adelka gave us a warm welcome and we got straight to work as the cafeteria was not that busy at the moment. Photos were hanging in 30 minutes, I had them in frames ao nothing difficult. We even had to create an extra spot for two photos, because I brought more than I was supposed to... Adelka Hang the price tags, and my info and all was set for visitors and their hungry eyes.

And then, then I just enjoyed myself. I went to the restrooms to powder my nose and add some more lipstick, I had my 1dcl of red bio wine (because I was driving the way back), we talked, we went out to butique to try some Italian designers clothes on to run out of it a few minutes before the opening, because we have simply forgotten ourselves in there. :) I managed to ran the square with just my shirt on, not braking any of my high heels... in that cold! My God.

Opening the doors of the Cafe, still blushing from the run, entering, seeing the people expecting me, feeling happy, feeling alive, feeling my blood pumping through my veins, quickly, enthusiastic, inspired...

We opened the exhibition, sat, talked with guests, enjoyed some sweets and unfortunatelly... had to say goodbye.

The drive back was long, took me nearly three hours including following a nearly burning (or at least smelling that way) truck, nearly falling asleep, being happy from low traffic inside Prague, dropping off my friend at her home.. I came home, sat, thought, thought some more, was good day afterall. It surprised me and I like surprises.

PS: In case you are from around, it will be hanging there to approximately 10th March. Go and have a look. :)

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