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Who am I?


I was born in 1979 in the communistic Czechoslovakia which was fortunately gone when I reached my 11 years. I got the chance to study and travel as much as I liked unlike my mum or her mum. Out of all the options the world had and still has to offer me I chose to become a photographer. And photographer I am. 

Why? Simply because I love it. I love taking photos of people, nature or architecture, I do see the world in frames with light painting inside them. 

I am open-minded, honest and optimistic person who likes to have fun, reads a lot, does yoga on a daily basis and drinks good wine now and then.

What do I photograph?


 I can photograph anything and everything, but I am best at shooting

1. people - that would mean portraits, artistic nudes, families, weddings or other lifestyle photos. 

2. interiors and architecture - which would mean flats and houses for sale or rent or works of different architects to become a part of their portfolio

3. travel - as I do happen to travel professionally and in my free time, I always like to document what I see

Where am I based? 

I live in Prague in the Czech Republic, however I do enjoy travelling for work, so do not worry to ask if you like my work and live somewhere else.

A little extra about my work: 

As I started to take photos on film (believe it or not, but digital cameras were still about to be developed), I keep taking photos on film and that would be mostly portraits and artistic nudes. I use mid-sized format camera by Hasselblad for that purpose. I develop the films and print my photos in a darkroom. The prints are later scanned and transformed to their digital version to exist online as well. 

I exhibit my analog works and I also sell my handmade prints so do contact me in case you are interested in either hosting my exhibition in your place or buying my original and signed print. 

Looking forward to work with you! 


About me

© Copyright Adriana Cahova
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