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Photographer shooting another photographer

Its February... a months of nearly no weddings, no tourists, everything is on a standstill... despite that or maybe because of it, my mind seems to be more creative these days... I walk and think, I dance and drink... having photos comming in my mind in such a speed that I forget most of them. I have a friend photographer. She was acctually my model at the very beginning (well not only mine, but also mine) and then she walked a long way and became a famous international wedding photographer. We often share ideas, help each other if we can, and gossip about nice and bad customers sometimes so we do stay in touch. However our model - photographer relationship was on a standstill for a long time. Or at least from my point of view. Eliska, yes, thats the one ( took photos of me pregnant, of my newborn son, nad of me and my son a few months later but often resisted my urges to pose for me again. That nasty friend she was. You see, I like to take photos of people I know and admire, I can show their inner beuties better, so I quite naturally wanted to photograph her again. Finally, one day, unexpectedly, she came and said: Hey, Adri, we could bring to life some photos of mine again, what do you say?

I jumped in the air and touched a ceiling with my hands, enthusiastic. Only a half way to go though. Having a model you crave for is good, but having a photo, she is going to pose for is far more difficult. I could not sleep one of the forthcomming nights, laying in bed, having pictures running through my brain, colours... and there it appeared. I called her the other morning and we briskly agreed to meet on Friday 5th February. I just ran from a shooting, came home, fed my son, put him to bed... my god, make -up non existing, and there she came, stepped her stylishly dressed leg out of a SUV and gave me one of her charming smiles saying: Here I am. She even brought some sweets. We have not seen each other for like a few weeks so we were eager to share a few news, We had coffe, the cakes, talked... and suddenly it was three oclock, sun setting at 17 the most, me needing a natural light for my photos. Oh my god. She was ready for the photos in a nanosecond, I put in a fresh roll of a midsized format film - Delta 400 this time - to my Hasselblad and we were on. The shooting was kind of complicated double exposure so it took me ages... we were done by 16.30, me all melted with pelasure with the photos inside two films, she all gorgeous as always, fresh and not tired at all! Truth to be told, I needed her to lay on the sofa, not moving for most of those 90 minutes I was shooting her... with butterflies. There is one thing I forgot to mention though... I wanted her to take my photo with a necklace I recently bought, its something like a deer on a chain. So Eli took her camera, smiled, took me downstairs in our garden, pushed me in between two doors of a so called winter garden which needs reconstruction and took my photos in like ten minutes. Anyway she did not have more time, the sun was setting down...

Well... wanna see the results of her photos? Here they are. Thank you, ELISKA! Thanks for capturing me full of emotions. :)

... if you want to see Eliska the way I took her, you will have to wait, because I really am slow woth developing photos and printing them later on in my darkroom. Sorry! :)

It is 11th April now and I am adding here the photos of Eliska I took the day described above. Have a look.

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