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Evening work

Hello everyone,

it is just an ordinary day, evening, I am sitting at the table, working like crazy on these new web pages you will shortly see and also on some photos. And then a moment comes when I just do not want to do anything more, I sit back in my chair, spin it around a few times, lift up, open a bottle of French red wine I was given at my last photoshoot and play new Massive Attack song. And here it comes, ideas, they are born, they are floating in my head, first just blurry, then slowly comming to be more sharp by each sip I drink. However today is not the night I wish to dedicate to my work just entirely.. I do not take my notepad and pen to write all down. I just let it dance in my mind, for now, for the night, see if something stays vivid till the morning. Then, maybe, my mood will have changed and I just might be more inclined to write something down. But now, in this second, I just imagine, live, breathe... I am me.


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